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The Dicer Advantage

Now lets focus on what a Henion Dicer can do for your business.  We are making the assumption that you are either considering or currently using a strand line or underwater pelletizing line.  If you have a competitive dicer, we can simply state that Henion Dicers run quieter, have quicker change over of cutterheads, and are a more rugged, more precise, more PRODUCTIVE dicer. 

Why is the Henion Dicer more productive than a strand line or underwater pelletizer?

Reason #1:  Greater Throughput -- The Henion Dicer is fed a web or sheet, maximum 1/4" thick ranging for 2" to 18" wide.  The extrusion sheet die creates less back pressure than a strand die.  You can generally expect at least 10% more throughput from your existing extrusion system.

Reason #2:  Minimum Scrap -- The web/sheet is infinitely easier to handle than strands.  Outside end strands tend to cool faster and break more often...more scrap.

Reason #3:  Equipment Compatible -- With an automatic screen-changer, the web will not break during changeover and you can maintain production.

Reason #4:  Less Manpower Required -- Generally any strand line will take many more hours to maintain the line, including restringing the strands and cool strand recovery.

Reason #5:  More Flexibility -- This is especially true as the Henion Dicer relates to the underwater pelletizer or water-ring systems.  First, both water systems are fixed, dedicated, and integrated with the extruder.  If you have a problem with either pelletizing system, your entire line is down; and not for only a few minutes or a few pounds.


Reason #6:  Fast Changeover -- To change from one color to another, one durometer to another, or one resin to another, the Henion Dicer takes from 15 to 30 minutes max.  On an underwater or water-ring pelletizer you're looking at hours...not minutes.

Reason #7:  Die Freeze Off Is Eliminated -- This is due to the efficiency of a single web versus multiple holes created by the number of strands.

Reason #8:  Wide Rage Of Materials -- The Henion Dicer will run PVC - rigid and flexible, ABS, PP, PE, and PU nylon, TPR, rubber, CA, CAB, CP, and highly filled products. 

Reason #9:  Wide Range Of Durometers -- The Henion Dicer can process a very broad spectrum of durometers from 40 Shore A  and into the 90's.

Reason #10:  Competitive Price -- The Henion Dicer is equivalent or superior to a strand and underwater pelletizer on a cost per pound, ease of use, and flexibility basis.

We can test a representative sample of your material to verify its suitability for dicing – please call or e-mail for details.



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